A Christian Mans Response to the Film: The Heart of Man


As I sat in my reclined theater seat with a tub of popcorn in one hand and some refreshments in the other, the long-awaited film, The Heart of Man would finally be featured. This was a one-time showing and was only playing in selected theaters, so I expected a large turnout. To my surprise, the place was only half full and mostly compromised of women. You would think that a title as this one would captivate the male gender but instead, it drew more from the opposite sex. Would this be yet another film depicting men not living up to their God-given leadership roles, arranged with a barrage of male characteristic flaws coupled with the reasons for our problematic behavior? I strapped into my seat to embrace the worst as the lights grew dim, the music faded in and the picture began.

The scene begins with an older man (representing God) and a young boy (representing man) both playing the violin together. The only thing you could hear is the words of the commentator and the sound of nature in the background. But the two seemed to be in-sync with each other as an orchestra about to commence a rendition of Beethoven’s 5th symphony. As time elapses, the boy becomes grown and now enters in the troubles of man. Every scene is aligned with a individuals story that mimics the drama portrayed. I will not spoil the entire movie for you but the director does an amazing job with each testimony. Everything from adultery, pornography, failed marriages and sexual abuse grips the viewer and challenges the soul.

Initially, I had invited a few men to come along with me to experience this event but to no avail. Either the premise of the film didn’t interest them or they were turned off by the spiritual nature of what would come about. Let’s just say if it was a newly released marvel movie filled with action pack thrillers, every seat in the theater would have been full. Which brings me to why every man and woman should watch this film. Not only does it relate to our present circumstances today, the fact that you are not alone in your struggles and God’s overwhelming love never ceases is the basis of the movie.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26

About halfway through the film, I could hear the first signs of tears from my left and right side and not soon after those tears would become my own. The man is taken into a cave and tortured by a character that resembles Satan, locked in chains, full of blood, surrounded by inescapable darkness that seemed to never end. Earlier the man threw his violin across the ocean destroying it but God comes on the scene with a new violin and redeems the man from his depraved state (the tears are still going). In the end, the man rejoins the older gentlemen and they continue in the melodic harmony as once originally generated.

Does this film do the believer justice in dealing with real issues of the heart and does it give practical advice to go by? After the film, I left feeling more loved and secure in God’s love than ever before. Not because of my failures and sinful nature but for the sheer fact that because of Christ’s substitutionary act on the cross I can have a longlasting relationship with God and my family. Every man and women who see this film will not only search their own hearts condition but will discover a love that has always been and will forever be yours to enjoy.



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