Topic: Toxic Masculinity And Biblical Manhood

Guest: Mitch Muller

Topic: A place for the prodigals to come home

Guest: Reggie Stutzman

Topic: Discovering your story in the midst of God’s story

Guest: Scott Lackey

Topic: Why Apologetics?

Speaker: Eli Ayala

Topic: No Perfect People Allowed

Speaker: Mike Signorelli

Topic: The Gospel of Nonviolence

Speaker: T.C. Moore

Topic: Deliverance To The Captives

Speaker: Tanya Jalbert

Topic: Can God restore your lost years?

Speaker: Nate Gagne

Topic: Law Enforcement, Race & Reconciliation

Speaker: Andrew Columbia

Topic: Worship, Warfare and The Wonderful Exchange

Speaker: Georgette Rojas

Topic: Building Together At The Breaches

Speaker: José Humphreys

Topic: How to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit

Speaker: Robert Iannuccilli

Topic: The Church’s Response to Homosexuality

Speaker:  Chris Anthony Delaney

Topic: Which Bible Version Should I Read?

Speaker: John Donnelly

Topic: How to persevere when faced with adversity

Speaker: Angel Storm

Topic: How to Become a Multicultural Church

Speaker:  Todd Korpi

Topic: Should Christians listen to secular music?

Speaker: Derrick Colon

Topic: How to know God’s calling

Speaker:  Frank Iammatteo

Topic: Does God Still Heal Today?

Speaker: Nathan Pimentel

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